Relax & Rehab Organic Soak-n-Soothe Package


Relax, Unwind and take the needed “Me Moment” you deserve!

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Relax and unwind with this stellar combo pack! Soak-n-Salve package is part of our combination therapy program, and are designed to work hand in hand.  Formulated with our USDA Certified Organic Hemp, and paired with the finest Essential oils, these body treatments will help calm and rejuvenate at the same time.  Produced in small batches, these products do sell out, so keep an eye on your inventory, and order often.

Suggested Use:  Fill bath with desired water temperature, add in one full packet of Soak, and swirl water until fully dissolved.  Soak, breath and enjoy!  After your bath, pat your body dry, keeping some moisture on the skin, apply a bean size amount of Soothe to any achy joints, over worked muscles or simply where you could use a little extra TLC. Soothe Salve is for topical use only. Start by applying 1-3 times each day, and increase as needed. Go ahead, Rub it in!





Salts: Dead Sea, Pink Himalayan, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, *Jojoba Oil , *Grapefruit Essential Oil, *Frankincense Essential Oil, *Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, *Dried Lavender Flower

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