The Reserved Cut

This category filters all of the Lane Creek Reserve’s “The Reserved Cut” meat products, including beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and goat offerings.

The Reserved Cut is our Locker Meat program here at Lane Creek Reserve. Locker meat refers to purchasing a quarter, half or whole animal. This is a great way to ensure you and your family have wonderful meat that was raised with the best of practices, from a farm you know and farmers you trust! We raise the animals with the best of husbandry practices and believe that the animal should enjoy its life while providing us with the much needed manure and grazing for the continued fertility of our land and crops.  

Our goal is to always keep our animals on irrigated pastures, on rotational and rested forage, and to provide them with the purest of water from Lane Creek. Our animals are a key factor in our overall farming systems, so it is in our best interest to keep them well fed, healthy and active. Once the time comes to harvest these animals, we do it on our farm with the utmost care and respect for the animal.  


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