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Learn about the land that we love so much

We respect our land

Lane Creek Reserve was purchased in 2017 by a mother and her two adult children. With the dreams of all living and growing older together, we took a jump and became “farmers.” Since the purchase, we have been transforming this 40-acre property into our very own sanctuary of life and fertility. It was important for our family to enhance and preserve the land, while also thinking about the future, incorporating a structural foundation for generations to come!

Our Farm

Our farm is truly a biodiverse landscape. From honeybees to pear trees to goats, sheep, alpacas and cows, we host a variety of species to promote overall health of our landscape and sn exuberant proliferation of life. 

At our farm, we have incorporated gravity fed water to almost 70% of the land, fenced paddocks for rotational grazing and are continuing to plant trees and support the natural needs of our land.

Daily we manage around 50 animals for the purpose of fertility, we harvest the manure from our ruminant animals and bring it out to our fields. We maintain a decent flock of chickens and a handful of pigs to process all our personal food waste, and partner with local businesses to supplement our animals additional needs. Our organic food program consists of produce scraps, spent grain from local breweries, and waste from our local organic creamery. 


We allow nature to be nature, and admire the protected wildlife that roams through the property. Our small fruit orchard bare’s plump peaches, pears and apples, and throughout our farm you will find a variety of berries that make for a perfect preserve! We are a host farm for honey bees who are key pollinators for the California Almond trees annually and very influential to our entire system. Our first season we had a very successful vegetable harvest, and as we build a stronger soil foundation, we will have very bountiful varieties for years to come. As a farm we do not buy any commercial inputs from the grow store, use no pesticides, synthetic inputs or herbicides on the property.

To water the crop and animals we use our own water rights which comes from Lane Creek. It’s a very clean quality and natural water source, and with that said we are very conscious of building the watershed on our property to allow the land to retain and preserve water. As a family farm we are working toward a “closed loop system” which means everything comes from our land and systems are being put into place to cover our needs and the needs of the animals. Through integrity and commitment, we are diligent with building these systems, protecting and providing the best lives for our animals, being dedicated to our cultivation methods all while ensuring compassion for the land. At Lane Creek Reserve, we value and respect what is put in the ground, knowing our efforts will be rewarded with what is grown in return.

In 2019 we won The Regenerative Farming Award at the Cultivation Classic in Portland and were also certified as a DEM Pure Farm. The definition of being a DEM Pure certified farm/er is giving back to the community through education, sharing ideas and encouraging an expansion of knowledge to those that are just learning. They are leaders and teachers of beyond organics that use nature as a guide for his/her techniques. 

Our People

Meet some of the people that fill our land with joy. 


Daniel Richardson

COO Chief Operating Officer


Daniel Richardson was born and raised in Denver Colorado and has been an outdoorsman since birth.  As a young man, Daniel was always intrigued with Geography, Science and the Outdoors.  Daniel attended one semester at Colorado Mountain College, before moving into the land management trade.  Starting at an Organic farm in Northern California, animal husbandry and biodynamic gardening really got the gears moving for him.   Summers at the farm, and winters traveling, his skill set broadend. 

In 2009, Daniel began working as a foreman who was responsible for the safety and integrity of the rail crew, his team broke ground and installed one of Denver’s first light rail systems.  With offers to continue in the world of rail construction, Daniel choose to head west to Jacksonville Oregon, to join forces with his cousin Nick and his wife Elizabeth as an owner and member of Green Source Gardens team. Today, Daniel oversees all activities at Lane Creek Reserve, and is the major visionary behind the many moving parts.

As the Director of Operations and Managing Partner, Daniel is consistently creating habitat in corners of the property to support new functional elements in the farm’s ever growing ecosystem, and to ensure the safekeeping and happiness of our 90+ animals. Regardless of the task, Daniel is known for installing and maintaining the acres of fencing or fabricating any number of parts needed around the farm.  From sunup to sundown, he works hard to ensure that the foundational systems created can bare all that will be built on it.


Lara Richardson

CFO & Managing Partner


Lara Richardson was born and raised in Denver Colorado. As the oldest, Lara took on a mothering role once Daniel was born, a proud big sister you can say. Wanting to grow up and be like her mother, Lara took pride in her work life at a young age and landed her first leadership role at 16.  

As a young adult, New York City became home for this dedicated professional, and getting to the top of her industry as a Catering & Events specialist was her mission. Year after year, Lara built her book of memorable events and top-tier clients, all while remaining very connected to her roots in Colorado. 

Raised in the Rockies, Lara has always had a passion for dirt and all that grows in it. Flowers became a large part of Lara’s life when Joan and Daniel proposed the family farm. Lara was fully on-board and excited to bring her knowledge of hospitality, marketing, sales, innovative culinary treats and overall plan-management to the farm! 

In 2018, Lara and life partner, Joel, welcomed their first child. Leonie is the first born generation in the Rogue Valley,  and possesses the passion of her grandmother, visionary outlook from her uncle Dan, gentle and warm compassion and smile from her father and of course her drive and high expectations from her mother. She has the foundation to carry on our family legacy!


Joan Seivert

Director of Hospitality & Managing Partner


Joan Seivert, the Mother of Lara & Daniel Richardson, was born and raised on the waters of Minnesota. Oldest of 4 siblings, Joan was born into being a caregiver, and from a young age knew that she would one day be a strong leader while being the glue and foundation for her future family. 

Joan moved from Minnesota to Colorado in 1974 and began her family then her business in 1989.   As a leader in the elder care community, Joan set bench marks and expectations for elder rights, and was a real advocate for people with disabilities.  Joan retired to her dream farm in the Rogue Valley with her children and a granddaughter was born. 

Today she still carries the role as the caregiver and oversees the out-sourced organic food program for the animals, lover of all the fur and feather babies, and keeps the farm stocked with food, function and fun!


Joel Francois

Director of Operations


Josue Joel Francois is the wonderful life partner of Lara Richardson and was born and raised in Brooklyn NY.  As a young child Joel spent many years in his native country of Haiti with his Grandmother Leonie.  As a young professional, Joel was known for his management and sales skills for high end luxury fashion brands, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton are to name a few. 

When Lara and Joel decided their daughter would be the first Oregon Native of the family, Joel left his busy New York life as a real estate professional and transitioned into Farmer Jo-Jo!  Better known as the “Gator” on the farm, Joel spent his first farming season as the animal whisperer, crafting custom risen beds for flowers and vegetables and is always helping with the overall day to day life on the farm.  

When Joel is not on the farm or selling top New York real estate, you will find him on the tennis courts!  He has a deep passion for the game of tennis, and often will you find Daniel and Joel going head to head on the courts! 


Leonie "Nonie"

Farm Cutie

Leonie Francois is our youngest member at Lane Creek Reserve.  She simply loves her life as a tiny farm hand, and is in charge of all buckets, daily feedings, egg collection and afternoon bubble sessions.  Don’t be fooled by this little one, she is a tough farm girl with a heart of gold and hugs filled with love.

Did you know we also grow full-spectrum CBD hemp and fresh cut flowers?

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